Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Center for Puppetry Arts: Cat in The Hat

On Sunday I was so excited to take my own Thing 1 and Thing 2 on a special little mommy and me date. I had seen that the Cat in the Hat show was coming to The Center for Puppetry Arts and couldn't wait to bring them. They absolutely adore Dr. Seuss books, and to see one of their favorites brought to life I thought would be so fun!

Cute has been asking to go to a show since he's heard from his favorite middle sister just how many he's missed out on these last few months. All three of mine love visiting The Center for Puppetry Arts, so when I saw we had a free weekend date that coordinated with the show, I jumped at the opportunity.

We made our way to the city and to say the kids were ecstatic would be a bit of an understatement.


Who doesn't love The Cat in the Hat?! The Center for Puppetry Arts put together a show that is literally the childhood Dr. Seuss classic brought to life!

The show uses a variety of puppets to illustrate the story of that faithful rainy day where Sally, her brother Nick, and their watchful pet fish meet that mischievous cat in the striped hat.

The show is tailored towards kids 4 and up, but open to all Cat in the Hat loving ages. I think four is about right, as the show is closer to an hour in length and younger tots might get a little antsy (even with it's fast pace and quick humor). 

The show is magical in just the way you would expect. Tons of rhyming, tons of silly side kicks, and tons of FUN!

Tickets are on sale now and it runs through May 13th, with several show times available each day. It's definitely one of our favorite shows the center has put on and not one to miss! 


The fun doesn't stop at the show though!  Once we were done viewing the performance we headed to the Create-A-Puppet workshop to make our very own Cat in the Hat shadow puppets. 

The kids love this part! They get so excited, and it's interesting to see how they put their own spin on their puppets.

The directions and supplies are always set up so nicely and everything is so easy to follow that even L.C. doesn't need any assistance from me.

I also love that the kids can instantly put their puppets to use in real life. There's always a stage set up so the kids can put on their own little puppet shows right away with their creations.

After we finished up the performances, the kids wanted to head to visit the museum. 

There is so much to do in this part of the center and the kids could stay for hours. A large part of it is interactive and they always mix in new finds with some old favorites. 

My little hams always go for the movie set portion of the museum where they can see themselves performing on TV. 

This time around L.C. discovered these masks that you can try on. She was cracking everyone up. 

There was also a special exhibit on site. The kids were curious, so we decided to pop in quickly to check out Indian Puppets: The Great Stories and Dancing Dolls. 

We had the whole room to ourselves so the kids were able to slowly take it all in. It's a similar set up to the museum's puppets of the world exhibit that is always on display.

It mixes in costumes, varieties of puppets popular to the regions, colorful facts, and video examples to showcase the art of Indian puppetry.

Everything is so beautiful and detailed! Definitely a fun little addition to our visit! 

It was such a fun afternoon, and the kids are already asking when we can go back. The upcoming shows look so much fun too, but the Cat in the Hat will be hard to beat. Definitely pop in to check it out if you are in the Atlanta area while its on stage. If not, check in the future to see it's a recurring show that you can make your next visit. I know some of them are!

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss story? Which one would you want to see brought to life? 

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**Thank you to the Center for Puppetry Arts and Brave PR for providing tickets to the show. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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