Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Favorites: Southern Belle Edition

Happy Friday friends! We are oh so down to celebrate today! Fall has finally arrived in the South and I have full intentions of frolicking in it all weekend. 

And by frolic, I mean sit in my tailgate chair watching youth soccer all weekend solo with three kids. 

At least we won't be roasting for once. 

Linking up today with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites to share some of my recent favorites. And get ready because there are a lot of them! 

If you follow us on Instagram, you know this outfit has been on repeat lately. 
(Sorry, not sorry.) 

| Southern Belle Tank | Grey Cardigan | Shorts | Sneakers | Book

Until this week it's been in the mid-nineties so Fall attire really hasn't been an option. That means most of us have the A.C. cranked, and because people are willing Fall into their homes sometimes that means making it cold enough to put on a sweater, light a fire and pretend. 
(Again...sorry, not sorry.)

In all seriousness the tank is adorable. It is super comfy, and a great layering piece. I sized up one size so it would be more of a tunic length on me. But I'm a shorty so take that with a grain of salt. It also comes in a cute tee option as well. 

Last weekend we headed out on a quick road trip to cheer on our favorite college football team - Go Dawgs! We left Atlanta early Friday morning to make our way to Baton Rouge to see UGA play LSU. Here's a quick mini recap...

| Jacket | Tee | Gray Jeans |

We meant to book flights for the trip, but by the time we go around to it they were outrageously priced. So some of our good friends cancelled their flights and joined us on a road trip. Seriously, that's friendship. Because it's a loooong trip. 

| Romper (similar) | Gingham Peplum | Striped Tee | Black Dress | Military Jacket |

We arrived mid-afternoon and I unpacked all my theme wear. 

| BEST black dress | Earrings | Watch |

We cleaned up and enjoyed a nice dinner. Our friend turned 40 a few weeks before so we decided to celebrate! 

Let's just say Uber drivers were hard to come by. We were very excited when we finally got one because we had been walking the four miles from the hotel to the stadium. And while totally not a far was HOT. 

| Hat | Romper (similar) | Necklace | Stadium Bag |

We made it! And tailgated with some super nice LSU friends. 

And they had friends who made this...

Gumbo! It was delicious! I'm still thinking about it days later. 

And this! How cute are these cookies? 

And the tailgate itself was adorable! They had these cute cups made too...

The other side said "Go Tigers" in purple. But we won't show that. ;) 

We had great seats, but were right smack in the middle of a huge LSU season ticket holder section. We were four Dawgs in a sea of purple and gold. 

And unfortunately that section had a lot to cheer about. Other than it being scorching hot (thank God one of us was smart enough to bring sunscreen - thanks L!), it was a fun time. 

Post game we went to Canes to eat our feelings. 

And then woke up to hit the road, and drown them some more at WaHo. 

But really, doesn't every good road trip involve a Waffle House trip or two? ;) 

I know we lost (and lost in a bad bad way), but it was such a fun trip! We had a blast with our friends and made a ton of new memories. I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

Carrie Beth and I have been wearing these hats a lot lately. I brought it to wear to the game and was asked about every two seconds where I got it.  It's also been my go-to on day three hair. 

The Aviate hats come in a ton of colors and cities (airport codes). We purchased ours from Findlay Rowe and you can find them HERE. The ATL one comes in just about every color you can think of. If you don't see one you like, just email and ask...I can bet they have it in stock to ship to you. 

Last week after Hurricane Michael blew threw, it's one redeeming factor was that it brought slightly cooler weather to our area. That meant it was finally time for mums and pumpkins to make an entrance before we do all the holiday things. 

The advantage of being the get to join in on these fun tasks. She was all about some Home Depot. 

The kids also put their two cents into Fall decor. Spiders and skeletons it is. 

| Gray Jeans | Leopard Flats

Along with pumpkins, cooler temps also signaled it was pants and leopard season! 

These leopard flats from last year are some of my favorite and they have them again this year! I saw they are on sale too! Definitely worth an "add to cart"!

Carrie Beth and I have a million things on our plate right now, so earlier this week we met up for a little pow wow. 

She snapped these quick pics of me in "mom boss" mode. 

But, let's be honest, the real winner here is the tee...

 | Tee | Blazer | Necklace | Jeans | Shoes | Gold Crossbody Bag | Earrings | Sunglasses |
As a huge fan of anything Southern/Georgia related, I couldn't resist this adorable Peachy tee

It's from the local company Well Dress Southern Mess and they make the cutest tees and tanks! 

They are a fun little company, and they automatically donate 10% of their profits to charity. We love shopping with a cause! 

They've been kind enough to give our readers 20% off their entire purchase if you see something cute that you like. Use code MAGNOLIA20 at checkout and you are all set!

And because we know you ladies love a good lip and we will get a ton of questions about is the lip color I was wearing in the Peachy pics.

I've been digging the Beautycounter sheer lipsticks lately. Sometimes I partner them with a gloss, but I love how they feel and how shiny they look even without the addition of a gloss. They have the slightest amount of shimmer to them.

My go-tos are typically Beige Pink, Rosy Pink, and Rose.

Beautycounter just released their holiday sets and I saw they have both a Mini Lip Gloss Set and a Mini Lip Color Set that has been released for a really great price if you are thinking of trying them out. The holiday sets tend to give you the most bang for your buck (all are under $100), so this is when I usually try to stock up. 

Now while it's been "cooler", let's remember this is still the south, and all that really means is we wake up and it's below 60, but by the afternoon temps are still in the upper 70's to mid-80's. Since we are all in our sweaters and jeans sometimes we need a little libation to cool us down.

And sometimes we need a lot. ;) 

I keep grabbing these fun stainless steel tumblers for our afternoon wind downs. Like all great things, I stumbled on them on Amazon. They also come in a ton of other styles and colors...I'm a huge fan of the white/rose gold wine tumblers. They would make for a great holiday gift too! 

Cooler temps mean it's crockpot season! 

Who am I kidding? It's always crockpot season around these parts. But...I was pretty excited to test out my new Crockpot Casserole Dish. The fact that it has a lid that can attach and let you take the dish anywhere is amazing. It's been great for tailgating too! 

Snag the recipe for these Cheesy Beef Enchiladas, and check out our Crockpot recipe board on Pinterest for some inspiration! Do you have a good Crockpot recipe? If so, share away my friends! We have a good long stretch of Crockpot season in this house, and I'm always in need of some new recipes in the rotation!

And because everyone has warm and cozy on the brain, I thought for my last favorite I'd share probably the most cost saving buy of the week...

Sherpa fleece pullovers for the whole family...for less than $20! I snagged a boy's one for Cute, a hot pink one for L.C., and light pink toddler one for B.C., and a cream colored one for myself. The women's one was the most expensive at $20. I have a North Fleece pullover that looks super similar that was way more expensive than this. 

B.C. loves all things cozy and couldn't wait to wear her pink one. She was pretty in dance pink all day yesterday. 

I know they've been selling out like crazy - I mean, why wouldn't they for that price? - so if you don't see the sizes you need keep checking. I've heard they restock often and then sell out online. Our store had plenty in all sizes and colors. 

That wraps up my favorites for the week! What were some of yours?

Be sure to check back often next week - we have a ton of fun little things in store for you guys and a surprise or two (and when we say that you know it's usually really good!). Now off to get this weekend started! 

Have a great one everybody! 


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  1. My hubs played football at LSU! It was fun to read about your road trip! :) Love all those cute tees too! Happy Friday!
    That Inspired Chick

    1. How fun!! He was probably so pumped about that game! ;) And I bet that was such a fun stadium to play in - it really is so loud! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed our neck of the woods last weekend! I live in Louisiana, but we’re die hard Bama fans! I was SOOO hoping y’all would beat LSWho!!

    1. Fun! Baton Rouge was so pretty! My husband travels a lot to Louisiana and just loves it. I think we might be headed to Mardis Gras next year, so I'll be able to see another side of it. ;) I think we were hoping to win too!


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