Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Home Tour: Mudroom Cubbies

When we were planning to build our house we made a wish-list of things we wanted to include. One thing that was at the very top of my list was a mudroom entry. I wanted a space that would help everyone's things stay organized and off of the kitchen counters.

In our old home we entered directly from the garage into the kitchen and everything ended up on the kitchen counters.  I really wanted to design a space that would act as our "dumping zone" so that everyone had a place to put shoes, hats, jackets, bags, etc.

After searching for lots of pics and ideas on Pinterest, I ultimately decided on a cubby system so that everyone would have their own dedicated space.  I could have just done three for the kids, but let's face it...the Mr. and I also come home with a bunch of stuff so we needed a space, too!

I'll be honest, this space does not always look neat and tidy. The kids will pile up their things (not wanting to have to carry them upstairs to their rooms), they will leave shoes sitting on the ground, and they don't always hang up their backpacks. However, it keeps it all contained and they have a space to put all their stuff, so for that I am grateful!

We use the bottom baskets for shoes so they are easy to grab and go when we are ready to head out the door.

I made sure we had lots of hooks in each cubbie so they we can all hang jackets, backpacks, purses, hats, etc.

The top baskets hold everyone's winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves.

Originally I thought each kid could keep their sports bags in their cubbies also, but those are just too big and with all of the other stuff, we've found another space for those to live.

The top of our cubbies had stayed bare for a long time, but I've recently been going through a bit of a home refresh in certain areas and I was excited to finally decorate this "dead space" to give it a little something extra.

I started with this rustic name sign from Canvas Vows.  I love that it looks like it is painted on a wooden palate, but instead is just printed a canvas.  It is super light wight and made it easy to hang.  I also love that it has each of our names and that it welcomes everyone to our home that might enter in this way! P.S. - I feel like this would be a great Christmas gift for someone or even a housewarming gift! 

After the Mr. hung that up for me I went shopping around my house. I like to move things around from time to time and I was able to grab the wooden bird house off my screened porch to use and the lantern was on another table that I decided to move and use here. Then I went shopping at Old Time Pottery to grab a few other fillers for the rest of the space.

When I have a shelf or space like this to decorate I always try to layer items and I almost always stick to my same philosophy. I use something green, something metal, and something wooden.  I tend to throw in some sort of woven basket and I love a good lantern and a candle.  If you look around my house you will find different variations of this all over!  I just love the mix of materials and the added texture.

So there you have it.  This might be the most used spot in our home and it is definitely the one that I'm most thankful for with a busy family!

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Thank you Canvas Vows for providing me with the name canvas for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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