Thursday, January 7, 2021

Holiday Fun at Barnsley Resort

Happy New Year friends! 2021...we made it! Can we get a hallelujah

We took a little bit a of a blogging/social media break this past week. Not intentionally. But I think subconsciously we just both wanted to soak up the last little bit of our Winter Break. 

Even though the 2020 holiday season looked a little different this year, I think we can both say it was one we enjoyed immensely. It might even be our favorite one in recent years. I can't speak for Carrie Beth, but I think having a more simple holiday let me really concentrate on just the special people in front of me. I won't get all sappy...but it will be a holiday season that will be hard to top in my mind. 

We had a quieter than normal Christmas, and then we made our way to the Barnsley Resort for the week of New Years for a little social distance birthday/NYE celebration.

A little back story: Carrie Beth, her husband, and my husband all turned 40 in 2020. My husband being the "baby" of the crew with a birthday on New Year's Eve. We had BIG plans to celebrate them this past Fall, but unfortunately all plans got 2020'd (see how we celebrated CB last month!). Not to be deterred, we decided as a group during the Thanksgiving Break to do something locally. Last year, we did a quick stay at Barnsley Resort with my family. With how magical it looks this time of year, as well as having a lot of family friendly outdoor activities, we decided to do a last minute booking to stay for the week. It was such a fun and relaxing way to celebrate turning 40 and the New Year! 

Once you arrive you feel like you are in your own Hallmark holiday post card worthy bubble. The resort is decorated to the nines with holiday decor - both to enjoy during the day and at night. 

There is no shortage of activities to entertain guests of all ages. 

Some are free: hiking trails, fishing, biking trails, outdoor games, visiting the farm animals, swimming (during season), touring the ruins, campfires, s'mores, etc. 

And some are paid activities: golf, off road trail adventures, hunting, shooting, archery lessons, spa, axe throwing lessons, animal adventures, canoeing, etc. A few of the littles did horse back riding this go around, and the boys did Advanced Skeet Shooting. 

There are so many activities we didn't get the chance to do, but that just means we need to go back and visit Barnsley Resort again soon. It's only an hour north of Atlanta - such a convenient little staycation spot!

Here's a quick peek at some of our other favorite moments celebrating the new year. 

We have lots of goals and lots of plans for this little space this year. We hope you look forward to this little slice of the Internet each day just as much as we do. Thank you sweet friends for all of your support, and we hope you have had a fabulous start to your new year as well! 

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