Friday, January 29, 2021

Nerf Wars & S'mores Birthday Party

Planning a birthday right now can be tricky. Georgia is still very much in the thick of all things Covid-19, and while having a party at a trampoline park or arcade is possible, it's also more risk than we were willing to take for our son's 10th birthday celebration. 

Weather is also tricky this time of year. This is "Hot-lanta" so Winter days can be in the 70's or, on occasion, the 20's. The bigger threat though is rain. 

Thinking of the two obstacles, we almost scrapped a birthday party all together. But at the same time I felt like so much has been missed these past months, that celebrating might be a good thing. In the end, we brainstormed and came up with a "Nerf Wars & S'mores" themed birthday party. 

And let me tell you - best. idea. ever! 

It was a super easy party to plan, and allotted for safety measures to be in place without limiting the fun. Originally I was going to buy a bunch of Nerf War supplies I found on Amazon, but then I found a local company that specializes in outdoor Nerf War Parties (if you are local to Atlanta - check them out!). 

Here's a quick peek at some of the fun and details from the day...


In an effort to keep everyone safe, I kept the party pretty simple with the goal of everyone staying outside. I did very little decorating with a few fun Nerf themed party items I found on Amazon

We hosted it in early afternoon so we could keep food to a minimum and adhered to the whole "pre-packaged snacks only" suggestion for the most part. 

We did order pizza for the boys (because - trust me - they worked up an appetite), and I made my new favorite dip to have on hand for the adults. 

We have a huge fire pit in our backyard and s'mores worked so well for my daughter's birthday in October that we thought we would reuse the idea for this party too. The kids loved it! 

The only change I made to make it a little more Covid safe was pre-package the graham crackers and marshmallows so that a bunch of little hands weren't digging into boxes and bags together. I got the idea from our New Year's trip to Barnsley Resort last month. 

The party favors might have been one of my favorite finds. I found these Nerf Wars kits on Amazon that the kids could take home to continue the party. Each kit includes a mask, goggles, two sets of Nerf bullets, and a target bag that can store everything as well. 

I hired an outside company to host the party, but these little kits would be great if you opted to host your own party. 

I topped the bags with these fun easy to print Nerf themed thank you notes I found on Etsy. 


Here's a quick peek at some pictures from the day. The kids (and some dads too!) had a BLAST at this party. This age group for boys is tricky to plan a party for when it seems all the want to do is play Fortnite with each other, but this was a total crowd pleaser. The company set up the course and played a ton of different games with them (capture the flag, total elimination, and grab the pin just to name a few I remember). 

Now let me just tell you the audible gasp all of the parents on the sidelines released when we saw one of the employees bring out this little gadget.

It just rolled and picked up all the darts! We were amazed to say the least. I mean can you imagine how time saving this is?! (I might or might not have one on order.)


If you want to host your own Nerf Wars & S'mores party I found a ton of fun items in my research. It would be super easy to put together (especially if everyone brought their own gun)! I've linked everything in this post, but here is a link to all my Amazon Nerf Party finds too! 

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