Saturday, October 15, 2016

Celebrating with Findlay Rowe

Thursday evening we had so much fun helping Findlay Rowe celebrate their 5 year anniversary. Cheers to these ladies and all they have accomplished over the last five years! 
Not only do they have a fabulous gift boutique, but they provide amazing support to the community that surrounds them. 

Cheers to that!!

Carrie Beth had other commitments, and wasn't able to attend the event. 

I was able to represent both of us, and as besties do we did an outfit check just before the event. After giving me the go ahead on my attire, I sent her my "wrinkly old lady kiss emoji". 

I was greeted at the event with a wonderful sale rack (y'all - summer is 50%!!), and some other goodies...

Peach Bellinis will always win an event. 

They shared the tasty recipe on their Facebook page. ;)

The store was decked out with tons of fun gift items, home decor, and apparel. Even visiting the week prior I was shocked at how many new goodies they had in stock. 

It was so fun mingling with some of their fabulous customers (Hi ladies!), munching on some sweets, and getting to meet some of our sweet supportive readers in person (Hi again!!).

The jewelry and apparel section had me swooning, and even though I had already gotten a sneak peek at all the fun things for Fall, I was excited to see what other new items they had unboxed. 

(Spoiler Alert: That top on the far right came home with me.) 

And this little ensemble had me at warm and fuzzy. 
How cute is this combo for fall and winter? 

I also almost popped this into my cart, but another sweet party goer fell in love too so I handed it to her and then got side tracked. Totally going back to grab one for entertaining on the deck. 

I came home with a little bit of everything, and had a fabulous time hanging out with everyone. Audrey, Barbara, and the rest of the Findlay Rowe team are just a good time, and put on a fabulous event. 

If you missed this one stay tuned for details on their Holiday Open House coming early next month. A little birdie might have told me it is all sorts of fun, and full of Christmas amazing from floor to ceiling. 

And DO NOT forget to enter our giveaway! One lucky reader will win an outfit worth $125 from Findlay Rowe to help celebrate! #imjealous

Quick! Run and enter HERE

And side note: coziest dress ever! It comes in light grey and this charcoal color and needs to be on your must-have list for the upcoming seasons. 

And if it's coziness doesn't win you over, this will - pockets! 
Need I say more? ;) 

Happy Five Years Findlay Rowe!
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