Monday, July 30, 2018

Let's Start the School Year Write: Round 2

Today was filled with all things back-to-school for our school aged crew Magnolias. We had had "meet & greet" throughout parts of the day, and then we were off to wrap up some last minute back to school tasks. New shoes have been purchased. Our pantry is ready for any and every lunch box request. First day of school outfits have officially been chosen. We have one more day of summer left and then it's official - school is in session.

Excuse us while we go cry big puffy tears in our goldfish. 

We know we've lamented about this over and over again on this little blog, but we just love summer. So we are going to ignore all the rest of the back-to-school tasks, and soak up that last 24 hours like it is our job.

In all honesty we are so prepared for the first day there really isn't much left to do! Meet and greet followed up by a day full of errands allowed us to get more than ready. We made back-to-school prep as easy as possible on ourselves. We even recycled a meet and greet idea that we used last year.

This little "Start the School Year Write" gift idea was such a huge hit last year for all teachers that we decided to use it again.

I found these super cute notebook planners at Target in the Dollar Spot, grabbed some of my favorite pens, and then printed the printable I created last year. We wrapped it all up, and done!

Super easy, and still just as loved today when received by our new set of teachers.

Now off to enjoy our last day of freedom, I mean Summer...

To grab the free printable and check out how we did this last year, visit the post HERE. Also check out some of our other favorite back-to-school gift ideas for teachers! 

(These make for great ice breakers, especially when you have shy children.) 

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