Thursday, July 5, 2018

Tie-Dye Birthday Party

A few weeks ago my oldest turned 11 and we celebrated last week with a tie-dye birthday party! We had done tie-dying kit I picked up a few weeks ago and the kids had so much fun that I suggested doing it as a party theme.  She loved the idea and so did all the other kids who attended the party.  

I bought this tie-dye kit for the party and it was perfect because it comes with everything needed…the dye, rubber bands and plastic gloves. 
I did end up buying extra rubber bands and rubber gloves to just be sure we would have enough and I’m glad I did.  

I bought packs of white t-shirts (they shrink, so size up!) and also white pillowcases so that each girl could dye two items. The kit came with instructions on how to do different designs and after doing a test run previously I could help the girls with a few different methods.  

I set up a table outside with a plastic table cloth to try to protect the best I could and had all of the colors of dye available for the girls to use. 

We used clear plastic bins to do the dying in so that it wouldn’t go everywhere and every time I went to grab my phone and take a picture, I had to rush and avoid a tie-dye emergency.  I told Jen that next time I want to tie-dye with 12 girls she needs to remind me to think again. In all seriousness though, the kids had a blast and it was such a fun party. 

Because the tie-dye needs to set for 6-8 hour we weren’t able to actually finish them off before the party was over so I had the kids put each of their projects into a gallon zip-top bag and then I sent them home with an extra set of rubber gloves and this free printable directions of how to wash out and finish the tie-dye at home.  

The party was in the afternoon so I just did a nugget tray, fruit and a few other snacks for the girls along with some pink lemonade and waters.  I found these tie-dye bandanas at my local craft store that we cut to use for a garland. 

The birthday girl wanted cookies instead of cakes so I had a local mom that I knew make these decorated sugar cookies.  

We had so much fun untying the shirts my kids did and seeing how they turned out!  Everyone was pretty impressed and have been wearing their shirts a bunch.  

Whether you are looking for a birthday party idea or just want a fun activity to do with your kids this summer, tie-dying was a hit and I am sure we'll be doing it again soon!

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  1. Hi! Where did you get that tie dye garland? :)

  2. Hi! She said she bought tie dye bandanas at a craft store then cut them to make the garland :)


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