Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Clearwater Beach Trip {Part 1}

I shared a little about our trip to Clearwater Beach last week and could go on and on about how much fun we had.  A little back story first though...for the past two summers we have done a houseboat trip with some of our best friends.  It was really fun the first year, but two years was too much and my friend and I had requested a different kind of trip for this summer.  Clearwater Beach ended up being the perfect compromise.  While I could sit in my chair on the beach and read my book all day long, the kids and the Mr. like a little more adventure.  This trip was the perfect balance of fun and adventure with a lot of good downtime mixed in, too!

The house we stayed at was amazing.  Right on the Intracoastal, complete with a boat dock, pool, and tons of fun toys!

The views were gorgeous and it was so fun to wake up each morning to see the water and often dolphins swimming by.

If I ever questioned how much my kids would love to have a pool in their backyard, this trip confirmed it.  Lots of jumping, dunking, floating and swimming was done!

The kids all took turns having the dads take them on jet ski rides.  My kiddos all take after the Mr. and love a little adventure in their lives! 

Funniest story, but my little guy had never been on a jet ski before and all he wanted was someone to play ping-pong with him.  After a couple of days we finally got him on the jet ski and then he didn't want to stop riding it! 

We spent a lot of nights at the house and cooked a good bit, but we did go out a few evenings also, which I loved. It was fun to get all cleaned up and enjoy a dinner we didn't have to clean up the kitchen after eating.  

I wore these new feather sandals every night we went out because they were super comfortable and oh so cute! 

One night we ate at Frency's Rockaway Grill which was right on the beach and when we wrapped up dinner the sun was just setting out over the ocean!  

We hurried to snap a few picture and couldn't get over how beautiful it was!

Little Mama took this picture in the parking lot on the way back to our car.  I mean, just stunning! 

One of the highlights of the trip was being able to have such easy access to get out on the water. Our friends brought their boat for the week and another friend of ours took us out on their boat a few times.

We love boating and love being on the water!  

We enjoyed our boat days so much! 

We visited Tarpon Springs which is known for their Greek settlement and their sponge industry.  

While we were there we did a little souvenir shopping. I tried to convince him to pick something smaller, but this shark ended up coming home with us and he was SO very excited about it!

We loved throwing out an anchor at some of the Intracoastal islands. The kids enjoyed swimming, exploring the beaches, and finding some pretty great shells! 

The water in these areas was so beautiful it reminded me of being in the Caribbean on our cruise. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of our week in Clearwater Beach.

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  1. Your trip has brought back so many memories. I visited the Clearwater Beach area for many years and loved it every time. The water is so clear, warm and pretty. The place you stayed looks amazing. Looks like you might have been shelling on 3 Rucker bar or Honeymoon island? I think that's where we used to go? Anyway, thanks for the great recap of your trip. I hope to go back soon and spend some time around Clearwater. Also, I have been to the Aquarium. The show(s) are very touching.


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