Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Summer Vacation Essentials

Thank you CTSandThat! for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Is there anything more exciting than getting ready to go on vacation!?  When I was a little girl I remember loving to pack for a trip.  I loved making a list, planning my outfits, and making sure I had everything I needed.  Now, I kind of dread the packing part (probably because I pack most everyone else’s stuff before I get to my own).  Even though getting ready to go on a trip is a lot of work, I still love the anticipation of it all.    

Before heading out of town last week I took 2 of my 3 kiddos with me to andThat! in Kennesaw to grab a few things for our trip. Our friends at andThat! had set up a shopping challenge for us to see if we could get everything we needed for our summer vacation and we had so much fun checking out their huge assortment of seasonal items.  They literally had everything we needed for our trip and I loved that we found it all under one roof. 

Some essential things I knew for sure we wanted to grab for our trip were...
Beach Bag
Beach Towels 
Pool Floats 
Snacks, snacks and more snacks! 
Fruity Cocktails 
Pool and Beach Toys 
Insulated Cups
Vacation Accessories

    Quite a list and you know what...they had it all!!!  From pool floats and beach towels to sunscreen and snacks, there were so many great quality items for our trip at andThat! and they were all such great prices, too!  

    We always take a summer vacation with some of our best friends and we don't see them except a few times a year so we like to take some fun goodies with us as gifts.  

    This year we were able to put together such a fun summer themed gift for the kids to use and enjoy all week long.  Big round towels, snacks, and these fun coconut insulated cups

    I also got a little something for the mamas.  

    And let’s face it, beaching makes everyone hungry (and thirsty!). So happy I stocked up on some snacks and drinks while I was at andThat!

    I let each of the kids pick out a float to bring with us because they were all so affordable! 

    I’ve been spending lots of time on that watermelon island float and my little guy has been dunking the basketball every chance he gets. 

    I was so happy to find everything we needed for our summer vacation (and then some). It was a fun shopping trip with my kids and got us all pretty pumped about vacation! 

    Be sure to stay tuned because we have a few other fun shopping challenges with andThat! coming up in the next few weeks!  

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