Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Better Options for Bed, Bath & Home

Each year it seems to happen. With Christmas chaos behind us, and the last of the decor put away, I step back and tend to see my house in a fresh light. I get the urge to do a bunch of house projects, clean and organize every nook and cranny, and take note of what needs freshening up.

This year's house project list is a mile long (more on that later), but currently I've been concentrating on smaller little ways to make a space feel "fresh" without going overboard. Little changes here and there that aren't too noticeable to most people, but to me and my family might make a big difference.

Topping the list for the year was new linens. With a family of five, our sheets and towels are on continuous rotation. Not to mention my husband and I hated our current sheet set. I love the feel of them and bought two sets, but while they are soft and luxurious they lacked one major thing from being a great sheet set - they never stayed on the bed. It never fails in the middle one of the corners would pop off of the fitted sheet. We'd both be up wrestling with them all night long.

First world problem? Absolutely.

But still, who wants to be dealing with twisted sheets all night.


At the end of last year, Carrie Beth and I were introduced to Better Options Company. It's a local company here in our little slice of Atlanta, Georgia, and one we realized we've long loved - they've just changed their direction to include more southern brands.

Remember when I ordered this fun Stair Barrier for our stairs when our mini-est Magnolia became mobile? Well the Stair Barrier is now The Better Options Company. TBOC is an expanded effort that includes luxury bedding, linens, and the coziest of blankets you will ever snuggle up in.


I couldn't wait to give them all a try! I was especially intrigued by the Southern Drawl Cotton Sheet Sets. I ordered the Rope Draw sheet set in White/Tan.

The moment I took them out of the packaging, I fell in love with how soft and luxurious they felt. They are made from 100% sustainable cotton and are completely dye free.

I opted for the rope set because we hadn't had much luck lately with the elastic of fitted sheets, and I was curious how it would hold up. After just a few nights I realized the rope draw system was a game changer! I am now a huge fan and plan on ordering more Southern Drawl sheet sets ASAP!

Southern Drawl doesn't stop at just luxury bedding though. They also make amazing bath towels.

There's just something luxurious about crisp white bath towels. They are such a classic when it comes to style and luxury, and they will always coordinate with any bathroom. They also remind me of being in a resort.

And who doesn't want to bring that feeling home with them?!

Carrie Beth and I both enjoy the six piece set, and they have been a joy to both have on display as well as use.


I'm a blanket person. Throws are one of those year round accessories I can never get enough of.  Even in the hottest Summer months you can find me snuggled up in one. I have a ton around the house for our family to use, or guests to snuggle up in when they visit. I feel like you can never have enough. So, when I spotted this Carolina Crafted Herringbone throw, I couldn't resist. 

The Carolina Crafted blankets are all made from 100% recycled cotton/poly blended yarns that have been pre-washed for softness. And oh my goodness, soft they are! 

I also love that it is washable! Because unless I hide that blanket from every single living thing in my household, it needs to be something that can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer. 

Updating linens might not seem like the most glamorous of home updates, but oh my does it feel good when you're cozying up in all that luxurious cotton goodness. And I love that I was able to knock out these tiny updates to our home while supporting an amazing local brand. 

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