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Favorite Moments of 2019

So this post is about a week delayed, but we didn't want to leave it out because we love these posts each year. It's a fun way to look back to wrap up the year before looking ahead to the new one!

Today we're sharing our favorites from 2019.  It was a fun, busy and great year. We're super excited for what 2020 holds, but first a look back on 2019.

Our Favorite Place to Visit...

Carrie Beth 
This year we didn't travel as much as I would have liked and I know that is a sign of the stage of life we are in right now. Our kids have committed to competitive sports with a very busy schedule so getting away is just harder than it used to be. That being said, I think one of my favorite places we visited this year was a quick little getaway to The Ritz and Reynolds Plantation.

It's close enough to go for a weekend or even just one night, but it feels like you are getting away from the hustle bustle of our every day.  It's got a sophisticated, but laid back feel and has so much for the kids to do.  S'mores, games, swings, the pool, the lake and just good old fashion family fun.  The Mr. and I had been there several times, but this was a first for the kids and they loved it just as much as we do!

We tend to pack in quite a few trips each year, and 2019 was no exception - we Mardis Gras'd in New Orleans, we spent a large part of the Summer on various South Carolina Islands, and we finally checked out Barnsley Resort (which we drove by every week for four years in college!). It's hard to state a favorite because I feel like our kids are at such fun ages, and traveling with them has become just so much easier and enjoyable. Narrowing it down to just one though...our Winter Break trip to the Keys would have to slightly be ahead of all the rest.

I am a huge planner. We had a Winter Break trip planned months in advance to Arizona. We wanted to explore somewhere new with the kids, and do some activities in an environment they normally don't get to see. Fast forward to the week before we left. We kept checking the weather, and it was cold. Like snowy cold. Which almost never happens in the parts of Arizona we were planning to visit. We were banking on 60's and above weather. So, two days before we left we were enjoying a family dinner at our local Mexican restaurant, and after some discussion we thought to ourselves "It's crazy we are ordering snow gear for our "sunny" vacation!" Before my second margarita hit the table, we had Arizona cancelled, the Keys all settled, and my last minute spray tan booked.

It was completely spontaneous, totally relaxing, and a trip my kids still say is their favorite to date.

Our Favorite Thing to Read...

Carrie Beth 
On Friday we shared our Favorite books of the year.  My top three were all SO very different this year, but I really loved them all for one reason or another.  Click here for the full reviews and to see my top three choices, but my number one was American Royals by Katherine McGee

This was a tough one for me because nothing that I read last year really stood out above the rest as "the book" of the year. When we did our "Best Books of 2019" post last week, I had a hard time not choosing just one. I found a lot of new authors, and love the suggestions we've gotten on Facebook and Instagram when we've asked. One that tops the list though that I think a lot of people would enjoy is More Than Words by Jill Santopolo. I started to read it and then ended up downloading the Audible version to finish it. I loved it, and it was a book that stayed with me for long after I read it.

Our Favorite Thing to Wear...

Carrie Beth 
I have a few favorites to share in this category.  This picture shows a few of my favs in one shot!  I lived in these Spanx camo faux leather leggings all Fall and I know I will continue to wear them all winter.  I'm a sucker for a good stack of bracelets and Inspire Designs has some of my favs and my leopard watch band is less than $10 from Amazon and probably one of my most worn items!

Another favorite thing to wear this past year was my Play Ball tank also from Amazon for under $15. 

As a baseball mama and a big Braves Fan, it got a lot of wear this past year! 
And while I'm at it I guess so did my ATL hat from Findlay Rowe! 

Okay, I'm going total clichĂ© on this category. My favorite find of the year leggings!  And not just any leggings. Like under $20 leggings that feel like Lululemon, aren't see through, stay up all day long, and have multiple pockets that fit even the largest of cell phones.

I randomly ordered these while in the waiting room of my dentist office after reading in a women's magazine that they were voted "best leggings ever". For less than $20 I decided to see if the claims were accurate. And oh my goodness they were. I ordered several more pairs. Made Carrie Beth buy a pair. I gave my babysitter a pair. I raved and raved about these, and each and every time I did so many of you messaged and agreed! Best. Leggings. Ever.  

Our Favorite Finds... 

Carrie Beth 
My favorite find of last year was Board & Brush.  Early last year Jen and I were introduced to this amazing DIY wood sign workshop spot and had so much fun creating our own personalized signs.  We loved it so much that I took my girls back there over Winter Break, went again with friends right after Spring Break, once again in the summer and I took my mom there for her birthday.

Needless to say I have had so much fun creating signs for spots all over my house. Every time I'm in there I see other signs I would love to make and it never takes too much arm twisting to find a few friends to go with me.  We sip wine, eat snacks and craft the night away!

My favorite find is actually something of L.C.'s. This year she found her "thing". She has begged for years to cheer, and finally I let her give it a try. Little did I know our house would become her own personal tumbling center. So in an effort to save my walls, couch, windows, floors, doors, and any other surface that can be host to handstands, cartwheels, stretching practice, and etc. - I bought a mat.

Nothing fancy. But this tri-fold mat has become her favorite thing to play with in the house. If she has a free moment she is practicing her tumbling skills. My walls are now free (ish) of feet marks and we can sit on our couch without fear of being landed on.

Our Favorite Kid Moments...

Carrie Beth 
My favorite kid moment of the year was probably when my baseball loving kid just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time at one of the Braves games. We were lucky enough to get down on the edge of the field to watch my daughter's chorus sing the National Anthem and someone came by, saw him all decked out in his Braves gear and asked him if he wanted to give the official "play ball" to kick off the game.  

For this kid it was a SUPER big deal.  He loves baseball, loves the Braves, and was so excited.  He took directions, practiced a few times, and then with the camera in his face he read his lines... 
"It's time for Braves baseball, let's play ball!" 

Okay my favorite kid moment of the year isn't really one singular moment. It's kind of a bittersweet feeling that hit me towards the back half of the year.

I realized how rapidly my baby Mini Magnolia was no longer my baby. She's fully potty trained (praise Jesus!), so no more diapers. It was our last kind of baby milestone and I realized that was it for us. We now have kids and not babies in this house. (And I know I've said that on the blog before, but unless I've been chosen to give birth to the second coming of Jesus - we done.) While I'm sad I won't have any more babies to snuggle, I'm excited to enter this next phase of life. 

In 2019, B.C. definitely came full circle in her personality. She's the sweetest, the funniest, and the wildest of all three of my kids.  And that's tough to do. Those who know us in real life know all my kids have big personalities (understatement), but this one by far entertains with her sass on the daily. I blame the curls. 

And I hope she never changes. 

Our Favorite Moment of 2019...

Carrie Beth 
My favorite moment of the year was one that happened totally by chance.  We went to Fort Walton beach for Fall Break this past year and decided to walk on the beach to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  When we got onto the beach we noticed the most amazing sunset I think I have ever seen in real life.

There was something so magical about standing out there and watching that gorgeous sunset that we decided to try to recreate it the very next night. We planned our dinner time accordingly and took another walk down the beach to a nearby spot to catch the sunset once again!

2019 went by in a blur! I had to scroll through my phone to remember what happened this year. One of my favorite "big" moments wasn't one I really shared much on here and only a little bit on Instagram Stories. But, my baby sister got engaged last Christmas and in October she and her fiancè tied the knot. 

It was such a fun wedding. Every detail was filled with farmhouse style Fall gorgeousness. And I gained an awesome brother-in-law. My kids love Uncle B to pieces, and I am so excited to see how they grow in the future. (Hint, Hint K. I want to be an aunt!!)

What were some of your favorite parts of 2019? What are you looking forward to most in 2020? 

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