Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Favorites: Gift Ideas for Boys

Happy Friday!!!  I always love seeing another weekend roll around, and this one came especially quickly since it was a 4-day school week. If you have kids then your weekends are likely to involve some birthday parties. I feel like it sort of comes in waves, but the birthday party circuit is going strong around here.  Often times we just do gift cards for my kids' friends, but if I'm feeling on top of it I will stock up on gifts to have on hand.  Today for Friday Favorites I thought it might be kind of fun to share some of our favorite gift ideas for boys.  Some of these are items my son has had for a while and some are gifts they he got for Christmas and has just LOVED.  

1. Cotton Candy Maker ($29.99) and Supplies ($18.99): My son got this cotton candy maker for Christmas and all of my kids have loved it! It's so fun to see the cotton candy form right in front of their eyes and also a fun treat to make when they have friends over.  It's small enough to stick under a cabinet or in your pantry when you aren't using it and I have been impressed with how well it works and how easy it is to clean up when they are done. 

2. Slushy Maker Cup ($23.99): My kids all over these slushy maker cups. You keep the inner cup part in the freezer and when you are ready to make a slushy you put whatever kind of drink you want in it and continue stirring/scrapping the sides for about 5-10 minutes until it is frozen.  It's a fun after school treat and perfect in the summer when it is SO hot!  

3. Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs ($25.99): These little eggs each contain little dinosaur figurines and the kids have to chip away using the given tools to find what is inside.  This kept my son entertained for what felt like HOURS.  He loved seeing what was in each one. It's a bit messy so I would recommend setting them up outside or make sure you cover their work surface, but such a fun activity. 

4. Alexa Echo Dot ($34.99): Quite possibly one of his favorite gifts was his Echo Dot which he calls his Alexa.  I hear him up in his room talking to Alexa all the time. He asks her what the weather is, he uses it as his alarm clock, he has it play music and he just talks to it like a friend. When he leaves he tells Alexa goodbye and she tells him jokes, sings him songs, etc. It was so easy to set up using my Amazon account and my daughters already had them so he loves being able to "drop in" on their rooms to talk to them. I was hesitant about him having one, but it has been the the greatest! 

5. Alpha Rouge Blaster with Scope ($9.97): My son will get hooked on something and WILL NOT stop talking about it.  He played with this dart gun at a friend's house and when he came home it was all I heard about. We searched and searched and finally found it!  He spent some of his Christmas money on it and has used it every day since. It isn't a NERF brand, but it fits the NERF darts  and he loves it because of the scope and the way it loads the darts.  It is a great value and has held up really well, even with all of his rough play. 

6. Over the Door Basketball Hoop ($24.99): This is one of those things we have had for several years now and something he still uses daily.  We used to keep to in our playroom, but moved it to the back of his bedroom door and he will constantly shoot baskets when he is getting ready for bed or when he is just hanging out in his room. He'll try all sorts of different "trick shots" from all over his room.  It has little rubber backers so it doesn't damage the door.

7. Zipline ($99.95): This one is definitely pricier, but would be a great gift to get your own child for a birthday if you have the space for it.  We installed this just after Christmas and all of the kids love riding on it.  It is a legit zipline and I couldn't get over having something like this in our yard!  Such a fun thing for kids to play on and something that will keep them outdoors! 

8. Dino Fossil Kit ($7.99): I was SO impressed with this National Geographic Dino Fossil kit. My son LOVED using the little tools and chipping away to find the treasures inside. Every kit contains part of a dinosaur tooth, bone and even dino poop which he got a kick out of.  This would be a fun add on to a gift since the price is so affordable or you could buy several and use it as a party activity for your dinosaur loving kids! They make several other similar kits (gemstones, shark fossils, fools gold) and I imagine they would all be just as good. 

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