Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!!!  The first week back after 2 weeks off is usually a rough one, but this week has actually been pretty good for my little family. I loved the break, but it does feel good to get back into a routine!  Today I'm linking up and sharing my Friday Favorites!

My first favorite was our New Year's Eve from last week.  We started having a NYE party a few years ago and it it has grown to be one of my favorites for lots of different reasons! 

I didn't take many pictures from the night, but I love being able to spend it with great friends! 

It's quickly become a favorite for my kids, too.  They love being able to stay up late, counting down to midnight, and celebrating with everyone! 

Plus, I love the start of a new year. It's great to have a fresh start, a new beginning, and kind of a reset to life...even if it is just a date on the calendar.  The mindset of starting something new just refreshes me and gets me excited about the future. 

I had some Amazon gift cards I'd gotten for Christmas so ordered this Mom Mode sweatshirt the second I saw it.


If there has ever been an outfit that describes my life, it is this one. Mom sweatshirt, Spanx leggings, comfy shoes, a big mom bag and Chick-fil-a sweet tea in hand. Ha! The sweatshirt comes in several colors, is light weight (so I can totally see wearing it into spring), and just really cute for a casual day of #momlife.

It's very rare that I share a book before Book Club day, but I LOVED this one and have been telling everyone I can about it.  

Daisy Jones and the Six tells about the rise and fame of a 70's rock band on their way to be world famous and explains the mystery behind their immediate breakup.  It is told through an interview style and reads as if it is a biography or memoir.  It felt SO real.  I even Googled at one point to see if it was about a real band.  I really loved listening to this book on Audible because every character is a different narrator and to me, that just makes it so much more believable.  It was so different than a typical novel and so creatively written.  I just loved it and it is going to be hard to top as my favorite book of the year.  

I don't really love to cook and I think part of that reason is because often times it is hard to find something the entire family will eat.  This week I was reminded of one of my family's favorite winter meals.   I made this Taco Soup and I can't remember the last time I had so many praises for something I made for dinner. 

It might not look really pretty, but I promise it is so good. It is a favorite of mine because it is SO easy to make in the crockpot.  I was introduced to this Taco Soup when my friend Anna made it for us one Halloween a few years ago. You can see the full recipe I shared HERE

My last favorite of the week is a new Netflix series I just started watching.  I honestly can't' believe I just wrote that sentence. My very closest friends know this about me, but I DO NOT watch any type of TV.  I just don't have time or don't make the time. However, when I saw someone share about CHEER on Facebook earlier this week, I was so intrigued.

I'm three episodes in and I'm kind of obsessed. My oldest daughter is an allstar cheerleader and it is a world like none other.  Having kids in all different sports I get to observe the different worlds that come along with each of them. Everyone thinks their sport is the most intense, but I am telling you...the things that competitive cheerleaders endure is INSANE!!!  The training, stamina, practice schedule, dedication and athleticism that is expected of these kids is intense.  This series focuses on a collegiate team, but gives you a glimpse into what the competitive cheer world is like and doesn't sugar coat anything.  If you are are at all curious about competitive cheer or have your doubts about cheer as a sport, check this out!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and we'll see you all back here next week! 

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  1. Popping over from the link up. Your NYE party looked so fun! I have not seen that Netflix show yet, may have to check it out!


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