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10 Favorite Children's Christmas Books

The Cutes thought it was only right after sharing their favorite Halloween and Thanksgiving books with you that they should give you their list of favorite Christmas books as well. 

It was tough narrowing down their absolute favorites, but they finally came up with a wonderful top ten. I tried to take an adorable photo of them to keep with the theme of this series so far, but one Cute was too hopped up on Christmas cookies and the other has been too busy undecorating the Christmas tree to even contemplate sitting for a photo. It makes me smile though because I love every single thing about this season of life...even the chaos. :)

So without further delay here is their official list...

The Cute's Top Ten Christmas Books

1. Room For A Little One by Martin Waddell
I love this story for both little ones and older ones. It is a cute story of the birth of Jesus but from the animals perspective. It emphasizes the wonder of kindness, and my little ones love reading this version of the first Christmas. 

2. Snowmen At Christmas by Caralyn Buehner
This book is actually a cute follow up to Snowmen at Night by Buehner. This fun story 
takes children on a journey to find out what snowmen really do once everyone goes to bed. This version has a fun Christmas spin to it, and has wonderful illustrations. 

This is the Christmas version of the fun story we mentioned in October's Halloween favorite list. The kids think the old lady is hilarious and love seeing what she will swallow next. I love 
this fun twist on the classic nursery rhyme. 

4. Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney
One of Cute's first literary loves was Llama Llama Red Pajama. We probably have read that book 129,567 times. The Llama series is definitely one of our favorites around here, and this holiday version is just as fun. Little Llama starts to get over stimulated and stressed about the craziness of the holidays, but then his mommy reminds him what Christmas is all about. 

5. Santa's Favorite Story by Hisako Aoki
I was so excited when I found this story for the Cutes. In this book, Santa tells the animals about the story of the first Christmas and the real reason behind the celebration of the season. I love how Santa 
is emphasizing the true meaning of Christmas to little ones. When asking Cute which stories we should put on the list he said, "It has Santa and baby Jesus...It's perfect!". Who am I to argue with that? 

6. Bear Stays Up For Christmas by Karma Wilson
The Cute's love the Bear series and the Christmas version is just as adorable.
Follow along as Bear's friends try to keep him awake during the cold winter in order to celebrate Christmas. He won't miss Christmas if he is picking out a tree, baking, and singing songs.

7. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
I remember reading this beautiful story when I was younger, and I love that I am now able to read it to my little ones. This book is intended for children a little older in age, and emphasizes the belief in the Christmas spirit over a train ride journey filled with adventure to the North Pole. 

8. Little Blue Truck's Christmas by Alice Schertle
The Little Blue Truck series is one of our family favorites. This is another series we have read so many times that we now have the fun stories memorized. The Christmas version is a little shorter than its detailed predecessors, but we love it just the same. My son loves the fun rhyme and the detailed illustrations. The last page also lights up which is a fun plus in a little ones' world. 

9. Santa Is Coming To Georgia by Steve Smallman
This book is new to our collection this year. If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that I purchased this a few weeks ago. This story is by a different author that the hometown Halloween book that we shared in October, but has the same premise behind it. We love reading about familiar cities and recognizing local attractions placed throughout this fun story, and aside from Georgia, there are other state versions available as well. It has quickly become a family favorite, and would make a great Christmas gift! 

10. Dinosaur Christmas by Jerry Pallotta
If I had to make a guess at which book my son loves to read the most it would be Dinosaur Christmas. He loves this story, and thinks it is so silly that dinosaurs used to pull Santa's sleigh rather than the reindeer. You follow Santa along as he reminisces what life used to be like when he used dinosaurs for his big night around the world to deliver toys. The illustrations are bright, detailed and colorful, and match the story perfectly. While most of our holiday books get put away when we pack up Christmas, this one ended up staying out year round last year because of  just how much he loved it. 

And because I can't end the list without adding the most loved 
Christmas story of all time...

The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

I remember reading this story every Christmas Eve. My grandfather would gather me, my siblings and my cousins all around him and read this story to us right before we headed home for bed. When I was younger I looked forward to this every year, and still remember the excitement I had each year as he read it while we wore our pjs and shared Santa's cookies. For both the Cute's first Christmas's I gave them each this copy as their own, and my husband reads it to them on Christmas Eve. I hope they are able grow up with such a magical memory tied to the story like I do, and hope that they carry on the tradition with their children one day. 

What are some of your children's favorite holiday stories? Please share as we are always looking to add some new ones to our collection. 

Happy Reading!
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