Monday, December 29, 2014

Movie Day {Annie}

I love classic movies and I love introducing my kids to movies I grew up watching like The Wizard of Oz and Marry Poppins.  In fact, just last week I recorded Home Alone and we had a family movie night watching it.  They LOVED it and I don't know if I've ever seen them laugh as hard as they did when the burglars slide down the icy steps or when Macaulay Calkin swung pant cans from upstairs to knock them out.  Good old fashion humor!  I remember seeing that movie in the theater as a kid and to see them enjoying it was so much fun.

Another classic I just recently introduced them to was Annie.  Their dance studio chooses a theme each year for the recital and bases the whole show around that theme.  Last year it was Cinderella and this year it is going to be Annie!  It will be a combination of the classic and the modern version so I wanted them to see both. We borrowed the DVD of the classic from some friends and they watched it on repeat for about a week.  They were so cute singing all of the songs and dancing around.  Boo-Boo even called Gigi "Miss Hannigan" one night when she was keeping the kids and getting onto him for not getting his PJ's on.  

Last week, we went with our friends from dance to see the modern version of the movie.  It was a rainy day so perfect for a movie day.  We met for lunch first and then made our way to the theater.  All of the kids loved the giant Annie sign that was in the lobby!  

After loading up on popcorn and treats we founds seats and were ready for the show.  It was such a sweet remake of the classic with a very modern day twist.  A lot of the classic songs were incorporated with a lot of new songs, too!  There was dancing, singing, and lots of entertainment.  The little boys lost interest about the mid-way point, but then the movie grabbed their attention again towards the end when the singing and dancing picked back up.  

In my opinion, Cameron Diaz plays the role of Miss Hannigan perfectly and steels the show at the end of the movie with her comedic lines and references to C&C Music Factory (which totally went over all of the kids' heads, but us moms were cracking up).  

I would definitely recommend this movie.  It is a little cheesy at parts, but it is bound to be anytime people randomly break out in song and dance.  The movie is cute, with a sweet story, and ends on a very happy note leaving you with a smile on your face.  
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