Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A MARVEL-ous Day

Last week, to celebrate the official start of our holiday break, I surprised Cute with tickets to the super hero show that was in town. I heard about the Marvel Universe Live show from a friend and it sounded like the perfect boy adventure. We are just now getting into super heroes at his age, and he couldn't have been more thrilled when he found out what we were doing. 

Over the weekend, I had taken him shopping to let him pick out a new super hero shirts for he and I. I let him choose what we each wore and was shocked his favorite, Captain America, wasn't among the mix. 

I purchased tickets for the 11:00a.m. show and with Atlanta traffic we made it just in time for a quick potty break, popcorn purchase, and sprint to our seats for show time. (Side note: for those who don't live in Atlanta, to give you an idea of how bad traffic is, I left the house at 9:15a.m. and I live approximately 30 miles from the stadium we were visiting. Its. That. Bad.) 

I was thrilled to see the seats I picked out on a guess were actually great! We were about eight rows off from the "stage". 

I was a little nervous how Cute would handle the pyrotechnics and loud noise that close, but he did excellent and didn't take his eyes off the show for one second. 

Having grown up with all girls, the super hero thing is new to me and I was clueless as to what the show was actually talking about, but Cute and the boys surrounding me LOVED it. There was lots of action, fighting, flying and flipping through the air, fire, and most importantly...motorcycle tricks. 

There was a break mid-way through and we took the chance to visit some of the things we missed on our way in. They had face painting set up, special pictures you could take with super heroes, and every kind of super hero paraphernalia you could find. Cute picked out a huge light up sword as his souvenir. 

After the intermission, the second half of the show proved to be just as entertaining and action packed. Captain America's section definitely was Cute's favorite, and if he wasn't a huge fan before of the man and his shield, he is now. 

The show visits several cities around the country and even internationally. I would highly recommend for any who have a super hero loving little one in their life. Tickets seemed expensive but there were several ways to get huge discounts to make it more affordable (more on this later), and it was definitely worth it to see that huge smile on on my own little super heroes face. 

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