Friday, December 26, 2014

Fashion Fix {A Few New Favorites}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!!!  We loved spending time with our family and can't wait for more family time over the weekend. I will probably share more about our Christmas next week, but today's post is all about fashion and a few new favorites of mine!  

I mentioned in my Fall Fashion Wishlist post a few months ago I hoped to get a pair of ankle boots (AKA Booties) and was ready to jump on the bootie bandwagon (HA - I just laughed out loud when typing that).  Jen, being the awesome best friend that she is, gave me a gift card to Nordstrom for my birthday so I could get the ones I'd been eyeing.  I went twice to check out their selection and try on a few pairs. I though I had narrowed down my pick, but they were out of stock in the color and size I really wanted and I just wanted to see them and try them on in person instead of ordering online.  

On a whim I decided to run in Marshall's on my way home to check and see if they might have any I liked. I really wanted a taupe color that I could wear with both black and brown and as soon as I walked in I saw these: 

There was one pair left and it was my size so I took it as a sign!  The color was just what I had been looking for and I loved the little fringe/tassel detail. I tried them on, loved them right away, and immediately texted Jen to ask if she thought I could really pull them off. Ha!  I like to think of myself as pretty trendy and up with current fashion.  In my head I still think of myself as being in my mid-twenties, but let's be honest... I'm really a 30-something mother of 3, so I wanted to get her opinion and I knew she'd be honest with me.  She said YES so I bought them and wore them that night because we were heading to a friend's surprise birthday party.  

I read all about how to style them and apparently when wearing with pants, part of the fun of the look is to cuff your jeans so your ankles peek out a bit.  That's exactly what I did and I really loved them even more when I put them on with a cute outfit.  This 30-something mom immediately felt super trendy. :-)

A couple of days later I wore them again to the girls' Christmas parties at school.  I am not used to wearing heels so my feet were not loving them after all of the walking I had to do that day, but they still looked cute and made my outfit.

I also wore them to the Justin Timberlake concert last weekend and let me just tell you, it was bootie central there.  I promise just about every girl there had on a pair and this mama felt like I fit right in!

If you want to check out a pair for yourself,  THESE Dolce Vita ones are the exact pair I have.  After clicking around a bit though I saw that Dolce Vita actually has a bunch of really cute styles that are similar in color. Click HERE to see them all.

Another one of my new favorites is this $10 statement necklace from Wal-Mart.  Y'all might remember Jen's post about them and ever since them I've been on the hunt.  Unfortunately, my Wal-Mart never had any in stock, but just recently they finally got some in and I snatched this one because I knew it was neutral enough to wear with just about anything.

The other thing I've been loving lately are my black jeans.  I am a Target and Old Navy kind of girl and if you ever want to know where something comes from, it usually is one of those stores.  I love Old Navy's Rockstar Skinny Jeans and have them in several colors.  They are super affordable - just under $35, but they are always on sale for much less than that.  I also love the fit and they are comfortable because they have stretch to them, making them perfect for tucking into jeans or cuffing to wear with ankle boots, etc.. A few weeks ago when Old Navy was having a big sale I picked up a black pair. I haven't owned black pants since I was teaching and needed to dress professionally everyday, so I wasn't sure how much wear I would get out of these.  I actually shocked myself with how often I have worn them, though.  They have been perfect for when I want to be just a little dresser than wearing normal jeans, but they are still super comfortable and not too dressy.  Click HERE for the direct link to the ones I love! After looking back through my outfit pictures in this post I realized that I wore them in every single picture.

That, my friends, is called getting your money's worth!  
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