Wednesday, January 28, 2015

American Girl Doll Organization

Hi Friends!  Today's post is all for girl moms.  We're going to be talking about everything American Girl Doll.  One recurring theme you'll see throughout this post is that just because your daughter has an American Girl Doll (or two or three) does not mean all of the "stuff" has to come from American Girl.  There are lots of places that I have found clothes and accessories that work perfect for the dolls!  

My girls both have several American Girl Dolls and absolutely love playing with them.  They love dressing them up, setting a scene and role playing with them and all of the cute little outfits and accessories.  The problem with all of those cute clothes, shoes and tiny accessories is finding a way to keep it all organized.  

For a while I just kept everything in a plastic tub, but that quickly got out of hand so I took a step back and figured out what would work best.  Instead of keeping the American Girl stuff in our playroom we set up little corner in each of their rooms with a wardrobe and any of the bigger toys that go along with them (bathtub, horses, scooters, camper, table/chairs, etc.).  

We used to have just one wardrobe, but it was crammed full and we couldn't fit anything else in it, so for Christmas they got another one.  Now they each have one in their rooms and while they do share all of the clothes/shoes, it helps for them to each have more space.  

The wardrobe we have is from Target and I love it because there is a place to hang clothes, a little drawer for accessories and separate shelves for shoes.  This wardrobe comes with about 4-5 hangers, but I found they did not work to hang up the clothes very well so I bought the real American Girl hangers (HERE) and they fit perfectly. 

For all of the extras that go along with the dolls, I use an over the door shoe organizer like THIS.  These things are seriously great for organizing all kinds of things.  I have this one hanging on the linen closet door upstairs that is in between both girls rooms.  This way they can both easily access it.

In it we organized each of the pockets with a stuff, socks and tights, camping equipment (yes, you read that right...American Girl Doll camping equipment, complete with little mini smores) and tea party things.  

I have found that having all of the stuff organized in this way helps the girls easily find what they are looking for and play with things more than they would if all these little pieces were all mixed up together in a larger storage container.  Most of their accessories came from Target.  Their Our Generation dolls look very similar to American Girl dolls and the clothes, shoes, and other extras work perfectly for them both.  We also have the horses, jeep and camper from Target.  Basically, everything there will be a FRACTION of the price you would pay at American Girl.

The dolls need somewhere to sleep, right?!?  Each of my girls received this Melissa and Doug doll bed for Christmas a few years ago and it has maybe been the one thing they have used most.  They love changing their dolls into their PJ's and putting them to bed.  Like all Melissa and Doug toys, it is a great quality and as you can see from the picture it is big enough for a doll sleepover, too!  ;-)

One last question I get a lot is about American Girl clothes.  My girls do have some that are from American Girl, but the majority of ours came from a less expensive source.  Target has a whole aisle dedicated to their dolls, clothes, and accessories.  At Kohl's I've found matching girl and doll sets for outfits and for pajamas. My absolute favorite brand for girl and doll matching clothes is Ann Loren.

This was at Blondie's American Girl Birthday Party last year!

Sometimes this brand will pop up on Zulily, but they also have a lot of it available on Amazon HERE. You have to purchase the doll and girl sets separately, but they are so cute with ruffles and amazing little details.  I absolutely love the quality and would definitely recommend this brand!

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