Friday, January 9, 2015


TGIF! This week has been all about getting back into our routine. I, for one, am very excited about the weekend.This week has had its highs and lows, and I am looking forward to some relaxing family snuggle time on the couch with maybe a glass of wine or two.

Monday kicked off with a great start...the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! Made Monday's cold early start just a little more bearable. While I found some great deals for little Cute and I, let's hope I can pay the Amex bill before the Hubs sees it. Even though the sale was great fun, I think I was more excited about the bigger news that was announced on Tuesday. It was made public that Lilly would be partnering with Target this April. What?!?! Now that is something to celebrate! Bring on Spring!

Monday night was just as fun with the premiere of the new season of The Bachelor.  My neighborhood girlfriends and I love viewing the crazy show together, and it is always so much fun. I hosted the final of last season's Bachelorette, and had a little fun with it.

When you entered my house...

Roses and candles for days...

Themed treats...

And Farmer Chris even made an appearance...

It is always so much fun, and this time was no exception. Neighbor C hosted in her new basement (which is fabulous by the way!), and we had tons of laughs. She even made this super fun Bachelor Bingo game. 

We died laughing as we played, because they really do say some of the phrases repetitively each season. I can't wait for next week, and it looks like the show is mixing it up a bit this year, which will be a great change. 

Speaking of reality TV, over the break I began to read The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year. I finished up this week, and it was interesting.

Andy Cohen used to be an Executive for Bravo, and produces the Housewives series, as well as a few other popular shows (Top Chef). I like to read biographies and I picked up the book on a whim. It is  a behind the scenes peek at a year of his life mixed in with some fun tidbits about casts from various shows and well as on his late night talk show. Some of his best friends are mentioned through out the book as well (Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few), and you get to fall in love with his cute dog Wacca. It's a quick read, and if you watch any of his shows might be fun.

At mention of really cute pups, let's just say I won't be surprised if the vet has a talking to with me about Bella's weight at her annual next month. Someone's been sneaking a few extra meals these days. This is totally Little Cute promoted. She lures you in with dimples and promises of yummy toddler snacks. 

And if we are going to venture onto the subject of health, let's talk about one of the Christmas gifts we received. My parents bought the Hubs and I matching Fitbits.
So far this is simultaneously one of my most favorite and most hated gifts I received. I love the information that you gain from it about your daily health, and it definitely keeps you accountable and helps track certain goals. It's hated only because I realize that when presented with a challenge I don't know how not to be a perfectionist/competitive with myself at it. It gives me a daily goal of steps needed to take, caloric intake and tracks my sleep (or lack there of). I've become obsessed with making sure I beat the goals set on my little wrist band before I lay my head down on my pillow each night...which I guess is the whole point behind it, but my guess is most people aren't speed walking around their house while pounding bottles of water before the stroke of midnight just to make sure they get their step badge and fill up their little person.

The only exception to my obsessiveness is the food tracker portion of it. Rarely am I allotted over 1100 calories to maintain my weight. In the two weeks I have owned the Fitbit, I have hit that goal...never. By lunch I have usually sailed way over, and by dinner 1100 is a distant distant memory. I'm guessing my OCD tendencies are taxed by the time I log this section of the Fitbit in because this bothers me none. I have no desire to try to throw down a challenge to beat this section, or even attempt. Why such the juxtaposition of my relationship with this fancy pedometer? I shall ponder this thought later over my nightly Talenti...

Thanks for following me through my random thoughts today! Happy weekend everyone!
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