Thursday, February 11, 2016

Children's Book Club: Ten Little Kisses

February always has us thinking about hearts, kisses, and all things love. Last year we shared our little ones favorite Valentine's Day books, but this year's selection is full of counting fun (and edible sugar goodness). Enjoy this fun book at home, or it's a great idea for anyone who has to help with a Valentine's mystery reader or class party activity. 

Ten Little Kisses by Russell Jillian

Join the baby farmyard animals as one by one they catch the little kisses in this enchanting counting book.

ACTIVITY: Candy Heart Fun!
Have a little number, color, and letter fun with these adorable candy heart printables.

Who doesn't love conversation hearts?  And as mom's at least we can have a little less mom guilt when the candy is put to good educational use.

The kids will have a blast while working on their early math skills, and wrapping up with a yummy treat. :)

And since we are on the topic of children's books, we have to share something that we have absolutely fallen in love with.  Has anyone heard of Usborne Books & More?  Well one of our really good friends, Sarah, recently became a consultant with Usborne books and we've gotten a chance to peek at some of the amazing books they offer.  There is everything from board books for babies to chapter books for bigger kids.  There is a search option on their website that is super helpful when looking for books with certain topics and that is what helped me to find some absolutely perfect books for my girls.  Can you believe I found an all-star cheerleading chapter book series for Little Mama and a beginners/easy chapter book for Blondie that is all about a girl soccer superstar?

I couldn't believe it and they were SO happy when the books arrived.  They have been reading them every chance they get without me even having to force, beg, and plead with them to read.  That right there made my purchase worth every penny.  I can't wait to order some more for Blondie because she wants so badly to read chapter books, but still needs some super simple ones that are a good transition and there is a whole series of these Bille B. Brown books.  (And, if you are looking for something similar I would definitely recommend these for a girl or the counterpart series for boys called Hey Jack.)

I'm hosting a party that starts today and ends tomorrow night at midnight with Sarah and I would just LOVE for everyone to at least take a look at the amazing books.  Don't forget about Easter coming up soon!  Nothing would be better than some new books to add to your kiddo's Easter baskets. :-)  If you would like to be added to my Facebook party send me an email and I will do that right away.  Sarah will be sharing all sorts of information about Usborne and she is great about making suggestions for us, too.  If you want to go ahead and take a look at the books that are offered and place an order you can do that HERE.  Also, if you have any questions or want suggestions about anything you can email Sarah HERE.  

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